If when you said to me – “how was your weekend?”

I’d reply like

It was great, we went to Hank Marvin markets,
D came, Aru was a gem, but then V cracked it at me for no apparent reason. I had a mini meltdown (read: public cry) at the Chapel St lights.
So much so, I had to walk home alone and ask D to give me some time out and look after Aru so I could calm down.
Then he went off to the office to cool down as well.
And we’re planning on seeing the counsellor about it,
because I can’t be a block of ice through out summer.


Instead of replying like

Oh it was great! We went to Hank Marvin markets and just chilled out in the sun with D and Aru.


Wouldn’t it be nice. If we stopped pretending like the world was chocolate?