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Women and Holding Back At Work

This is a thing.
I’ve had multiple female staff and actually, I’ve seen men do this as well.
It’s an awful working style and doesn’t really get you very far.

The apologisers.
Holding back.
Don’t say yes until they’re 200% sure (as if there is such a thing).
They’ll honestly fess up about anything, including that thing which hasn’t started yet.
And don’t ask them about the money thing.

They are flowers in the work place.
Total bloomers.
Ready to please.
But also ready to say, “it’s something I haven’t done before and I’m not sure”.

But what I realised.

Is that, most of the time, all people encounter new areas of confusion.
First meeting?
First presentation?
First time you have to assess a new industry area?
First blog post?
First invoice?
First time your boss is taking leave?
First quote?
First scan?
First scan of a certain body part?
First intern?
First time to speak up?

All the time.
Something is new for someone.

But there is another type of worker.
She takes it on.
No apologies, no fess ups.
Just give me the work and I’ll figure out how to do it.
That’s her attitude.
She figures it out on the go and does a great job of it as well.

If I had to hire one or the other, I’d choose her over and over again.

She believed in herself in the first place.
That energy is 100% of what you need to get you there.

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My darling you.




  1. neha

    Ahhh this post came at the perfect time for me!! xx I’m going to keep on powering through

  2. karishma

    So glad it came at the perfect time!! I’ve learnt a lot from you – watching you get to where you want to get to 🙂 xx

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