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Why Are We So Obsessed?

With image.
With the visual.
With the external.
With the body from it’s outside.
With our home and not the garage which is stuffed to the brim.
With our sleek cars and our perfect shades.
With photographs.
With instagram feeds.

And then of course.

Why do we put in so much effort to make these things perfect.
So much effort on the blonde tints.
You know those perfect, “I-just-left-the-beach-waves”.
On the toner.
On the shaved legs.
On the angle of the picture.
On the angle of the chin actually.

And then taking us back.

Every popular instagram feed I look at.
Is curated.

We’re angry with fashion magazines and celebrities and perfume ads.
Angry with Vogue.
Angry with Kim.
Angry for the bodies.
Angry at the photoshop.

But at the end of it all.

The perfection gets the likes.
And so it starts again.

The vicious cycle.
To aspire.
To be liked.
To change for the likes.
To get liked.
To become an inspiration.
And make someone aspire.

To be you.

All over again.




You just became the media.
You became Vogue to someone.
You became Kim to your niece.
You became Topshop to that teen who ate at the same place you did.
So be careful what you post.
It might just be a reflection of everything you hated in the first place.



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The fine line


The Mum


  1. I hear what you are saying … and I think we are all guilty of setting unrealistic expectations for the world out there … although I cannot help but wonder whether it is human nature to seek unrealism aka perfection. Someone cannot stop creating art just because someone else would aim to “become” that art. We all know movies aren’t always “real” people still think those characters are real and start hero-worshiping them. There is a thin line between a photoshop brush and a painter’s brush. Sometimes it is just about perspective. If everyone in the world started to think for themselves, and not follow other (or media) blindly, half the issues would get solved. Phew! Clearly I have a lot to say on this topic. Don’t I! 😀

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    • karishma

      Maybe it deserves a Tanvii style post ? I think you’ve hit the core – the real place we need to be resolving, educating followers. Perhaps there needs to be a class for it at schools ? massive hugs for your thoughts, as always you make me think anew!

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