I don’t want to be that person sitting at a dinner table, who keeps going on and on about everything they’re so passionate about (which of course, you aren’t into). They firmly believe in their ideals and they’re trying to convince you to believe in them too.

I just think Ranters are ineffective, most of the time.
They don’t gage the interest, adjust their speech and limit their word count.
Because in their world, they’re simply right and you’re wrong.


So what I’m trying to say (all of the above aside).
Is that,

I believe in less.
I believe there is an industry that stays alive, because it makes you feel like shit about yourself. Unsurprisingly named, The Beauty Industry. In their world, you are never enough, never happy with how you feel about yourself and they feed off the madness. Because, you’ll always need more and they get that.

I believe that second-hand goods in the toy industry are a need, not a want.

I believe that a slim body, can be an eerily unhealthy one.

I believe that love is not found in the height, the wealth, the status and the credentials.

I believe that paying taxes is important, but I also believe that challenging the status quo is more important.

I believe that the rich will continue to get richer. And I also believe that you’re not meant to say that out loud, let alone write it out.

I believe that what holds people back isn’t their lack of priviledged, it’s their lack of an open mind, or even, the lack of emphasis they put on the development of it.

I believe that people lie about just about everything. Every sugar coated response to “how was your weekend” is a lie.

The more I write here, the more I believe that everyone is going through their own battles but very few are making changes that come from a place deep within. They are living in their misery and surprisingly, loving it. They fear being challenged or questioned so much, that they choose to live in misery instead.

I believe that social media is replacing human connection and it is getting very real that we might just be better off without it. Despite all the conveniences it has to offer.

I believe that I’m tired. Of the fake. On all levels.
Fake marriages.
Fake loves.
Fake jobs.
Fake homes.
Fake rich people.
Fake not-so-rich people who think rich people are the worst.

I just wish, we could all confront ourselves. And say, “What is wrong with me? How can I start with me? Because all this outward complaining, is coming from somewhere so deep inside me.”
I wish we could start with that. I’m trying to start with that (not that it’s all out of my system!).


And if you don’t, that is a-ok.
After all, the rant is over 😉