So I went back to my massage lady, Vesna the other day.
It was about 6 months after my first two visits.

She told me that my body was so much better now than it was before.
Not as many issues, knots or as much tension.

Then she asked me what I’d been doing differently.
If anything, I was doing less yoga and walking less.
A bit of dance here and there – but not much.

Then I said to her.
I’m happier. Much happier.
Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

It’s true. Happiness can change your body.

This is the first time I’d really realised the effect my frame of mind can have on my body. Phenomenal. And above all other influences, it’s the most powerful.



PS – If you’re wondering how to get a massage from Vesna, you’ll find her details on my resources page.