NOTE: I wrote this post when I was feeling a bit frustrated. It’s not in my usual contemplative style. Hope you can forgive my ego, but I wanted to share a true version of me 🙂 xx


Hey girl.
Get smarter.

Play it wiser.
Don’t give up the game, don’t give the game away either.

Girl you got swag, you could go a long way.

But your brain is in the way.
Your ego is blocking the drains, clogging your work.

Put it aside.
Mend your fences.
Do the right thing.

Let. It. Go.

Learn to say sorry.
See the other side.

Because girl.

I didn’t get to where I am,
By letting my ego stand in the way.

I played smart.
I showed respect.
I nurtured my bridges.

And I’m adorned with love.
Drenched in wealth. The fragrance so sublime, you’d never know it, so deep it’s in my veins.
A sense of self so steady, 5 minutes with me and you’re won.

I smiled. I calmed. I strategised. I got frickin smart.

And honey.
If you choose your ego for every fight, every time,
You’ll stay stuck where you are.

And where you are, will always be.
Staring at me and wondering how I got to here.