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Founded Upon

Yesterday, I was at the park with Aru and I saw two pretty high school girls. Bleached hair, cool sweaters, colour combos down packed with creams and browns. I didn’t like them. Immediately.

Last week, I was at yoga class. A new class this time. The clientele was different to what I was used to. Slim. Sleek women. With type with the LV bags, highlights upon their crowns and long Amazonian legs. I wanted to leave the room.

And today, I was thinking about it.
What do I have against these women?
I know that I’m not what they are.
For some reason, they take me back to high school.

I went to an extremely wealthy private school in Auckland and I was surrounded by women like these. I group them as if they’re one and the same. I’ve already assumed that they’re not going to like, want to avoid me. I’ve assumed they aren’t my type.

And I just realised.

Those two high school girls at the park?
They had two big, beautiful dogs. And when Aru went up to them, they asked him if he wanted to have a pat.

The women at yoga said bye to me as I left the class.

I need to right the wrongs I created in my mind at high school.

Those women weren’t bitches, they weren’t mean.
I simply didn’t know them enough.

And perhaps, with my closed mind – I had already closed the doors.


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Worth it. (Dear Aru, early May, 2016)


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