Last night, I caught up for dinner with a photographer friend of mine. 
She said something which blew me away. 
She said. 

How we photograph isn’t how we look. 
She had taken a series of self portraits and was astonished to discover that each picture was radically different even if shot within the same few moments. 
And I realised. 
A photograph can’t capture energy. 

It’s a digital capture. 

Of dots and lines. 

Of colours that are defined by numbers. 
When we laugh and that warm feeling sinks into our stomachs, how does that translate? 

When I look away shyly and you know that a moment has passed from your heart strings to mine, how does that translate? 

When we are deep in conversation and your eyes are animated and your face blurs away, how does that translate? 
Our real memories of moments are made of this. 

This connection / energy / vibe. 
So why do we compromise our definition of beauty into dots and lines?