Anger can consume us.
It takes over.
Builds a fort.
Sets up a fire and burns.
Sometimes days, sometimes months, sometimes years.
The ego fuels.

It says, “I wasn’t wrong, she was.”
It says, “Whatever, at the end of the day, he shouldn’t have done what he did.”
It says, “Some people will never change and I’m better off without them.”
But we never realised,

Over the days, the months and the years,
We burnt the bridges.
We thought we were better off without the bridges.

But in the process, we burnt parts of ourselves.
There is real beauty in the words, “I’m sorry”.
And there is real beauty in accepting, that perhaps, he never meant it like that.
Perhaps she was having a really bad year.
Perhaps, I still want her in my life and in order to have that, I need to be ok with who she is.

We think beauty is mascara, glossy skin and firm arms.

But, we’ll often find,
The ones who have let go,
Radiate the most love.

And for some reason,
They are beautiful in a way we can’t pursue, purchase or repair.