This started off as my own stories.

Now I’ve met so many people, heard their stories and more often than not, they make a post.
A divorce. Heartbreak. Young love. More babies. Tinder effects. In laws. The nasty receptionist. All that.

I still don’t know why or where I’m going with all of this.

Perhaps sometimes we feel better when we know someone is going through the same things as we are.
Perhaps these are stories that aren’t really going to make it to a status post.
Perhaps they wouldn’t get any likes.

But chances are. You’re going through some of this.
Because I sure as hell am.
And I’m tired of friends who don’t share their stories.
Who make it look all pretty and say everything is just freaking fine.
So tired of the fake.

My sweet reader.
This is your place for real.

My counsellor once told me that she likes me because I really bring the goods.
I can promise you, I will bring the goods.
I will be honest and show you the scars.
I will show you the tears.

I won’t invite you to my home, lay out the fine china, put my lippy on and slip out of cotton into silk for you.

I don’t want to shine myself up for you.
I want you to know there is a shine through it all.

Most of all? I believe in change. Changing my behaviour, my practises, my learnings. Constantly. Change to make life better. To make home a better place to be. I’m constantly tumbling. But if I tumbling and you’re tumbling too – then perhaps, it makes the journey easier, lighter and much more delightful.

Why? I still don’t know where I’m going with this.
But I love it. And that is all I need to know.


// UPDATE 12th October, 2015

So I’ve been wondering about the why. Is it for my ego, is it because I’m self righteous (who am I kidding), is it because I want to be known and recognised, like that external acceptance will make me feel better. All possible.

I’ve also started to realise that this is healing for me. I love the word cathartic (and found the best place to use it). It’s cathartic.

When there is stuff in my head and it keeps going round in circles, I come here, punch it out and I feel sooooo much better.

So thank you. I cannot deny it.
A huge part of the reason why I write, is in the hope that you will read.