a work in progress


How do I begin?
Do I talk about my birth town? Or my home town?
Or do you want to know how I like my avocados and what I put in my masala chai?
Sometimes people are curious about my state of origin.
Sometimes they want to know where I bought my boots from.

I am my father’s daughter.
My mother’s rebel.
I am my husband’s love.
My son’s chuckle.
I am a friend to my clients.
A piece of work to my sisters.
I am to me, yet unknown.

A designer at first.
Then a business woman heeling it up (because I could never suit it up).
Then I became a mum and my whole world turned upside down and for once, it was the right way round.

For once in my life.
I could do. What I really, truly, deeply, innately wanted to do.
Something I had been doing since high school.

So for now?
I’m a writer who adores her family,
wants to pour colours all day,
seek new places within the same places,
and find a space to pause and
literally, make life a little more awesome everyday.




  1. Louise Jones

    I love love your Instagram and your blog. We’re facebook friends but I disabled Facebook a long time ago (I follow on instagram because it said it was FB friends) and I too am a first time mum to a 10.5mth old daughter! I love reading your words, your honesty is amazing and your photos speak volumes.
    Being a mum is the most rewarding job in the world but it’s also the toughest. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your precious priceless moments.

    • karishma

      Thanks so much! The internet is such a funny place, most of the time you feel like no one is listening and you don’t know if what you’re saying really means anything. So THANK YOU. xx K

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