So this is my theory.
Racism never existed.
It doesn’t exist.
It just became a word to describe something – which isn’t really that.

But let’s not focus on the word racism here.
For lack of a better word – I’ve used the word tribe-ist.

Our worlds, friendships, communities, networks all have a (roughly) 80% domination of people in our tribe.

We go seeking the familiar.
My friend network consists of:
Indians. Entrepreneurs. Artists & Creatives. NZers. Fijians.
If I went through my Facebook feed, or Whatsapp contacts, majority would fall into these categories.

Why? They’re familiar to me.
I’ve subconsciously been attracted to people who are in my tribe, or they fell into my childhood story (which I wonder, sets the platform for what categories start to become our tribe).

How many Koreans? One. She’s a NZer.
How many vegetarians? A whole heap. I’m one.
Who did I marry? An Indian who is a business man and lives in my native city. 3 points and we had a love marriage.
How about how many people who smoke? A handful, I don’t smoke.
What about people with tatts? Not that many – I actually think they’re cool and intimidating at the same time.

You tell me.
Am I racist?

Or am I attracted to people (largely) within the sphere of what I know?


How do we extend the tribe?

Extensions. I’ve got a Chilean nanny in my home. She came to us through an Indian entrepreneur. I’ve learn a lot about her family, her ways, her interests. Funnily enough, she’s vegetarian, principled and friendly. Sounds like she always belonged in my tribe!

Immersions. When you travel to a country, get stuck in the culture and really get to know the people.

Something for you to think about my friend 🙂 Let me know what you think of this interesting theory of mine 🙂