Are you thinking of Travelling with a Toddler in Cuba? These are the highlights, the advice I didn’t get from elsewhere and wish I knew prior. Overall, I’d highly recommend it, they’re super child friendly and it’s relatively easy.

The list for travelling with a toddler in Cuba

Any other Q’s, feel free to pop a comment below and I’ll reply when I can.

1.      Mosquito repellant – especially if you’re heading beach side.
2.      I thought it would rain so I brought gum boots and a waterproof jacket. It didn’t rain. Even once.
3.      Room service takes ages, bring snacks and a portable water boiler (if one exists) for formula. I don’t know why they don’t have kettles here.
4.      There are fewer vehicles here and they travel slower. We’ve managed a-ok without a car seat.
5.      Upon landing (in Havana), there is a child friendly & disabled persons line at customs, it’ll be worth taking.
6.      The streets aren’t all cobble, so you can take a stroller or a pram.
7.      I’ve brought enough diapers and formula to last us (fingers crossed), would be a bit of a hunt to buy them here.
8.      Aru is also on some herbal medicine to protect him from juardia. You can get it from ice, washed lettuce and of course, the swimming pool. Herbario in Chapel Street (Prahran, Melbourne, Australia) is where I get mine from.
9.      Whilst five star resorts promise air conditioning, it can fail from time to time. So a shorts-and-tee pyjama set might work.
10.     If you like swanky, the AirBnb places in Miramar and Vedado, Havana are pretty awesome. The suburbs are for the creme de la creme of Havana and it means spacious rooms and in Miramar, ensuite after ensuite.

We’ve always found a home / apartment easier than hotel rooms. Everyone gets to hang out in a lounge area while Aru sleeps. Plus you can get your laundry done much cheaper.

11.     There are a lot of carbs and sugar in the diet. If your toddler has digestion concerns, try fruit first and carry something for fibre (we boil ajuwain seeds in water, strain and add a little bit of sugar, does the trick if we keep him drinking it regularly).
12.     If you like your food spicy, carry chilli flakes!
13.     Google Translate, for those of us who don’t speak Spanish, this is gold. Have it downloaded to your phone, you can use it without wifi.

Travelling with a toddler in Cuba is a memory I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Adios 🙂