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I’m in NY and I’ve had this overwhelming sense of FOMO in the last couple of days.
I don’t want to miss a thing.
But guess what.
NY is full of a bajillion things.
And it hurts so bad.
Plus I have a son.
Who needs a day time nap and has to be in bed by 7pm.
Plus it takes half an hour to get anywhere to somewhere decent.
So the restaurants. The MOMA. The DUMBO. The Highline. The shopping.
Dear God, the shopping.
Nothing is enough.
And yesterday, I thought to myself.
This is insane.
This feeling is never going to end.
You think it might end when you dash into COS, grab 3 dresses, wait in line to try them for 15 minutes and then wait another 10 to pay.
But you’re still not satisfied.
Because you are in FOMO state of mind.
In this state of mind, you cannot conquer jack shit.
You actually end up wasting your time on the less substantial.
Simmering in unhappiness.
Let the city go.
Walk where your heart leads and time ensues.
I’m going to stop trying so hard.
And start enjoying NY.
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He came home.


I want.


  1. Cheri

    Wait for me you guys!

    • karishma

      It’s on! Tanvii, I hope you’re ready, there are no escape routes… Cheri, are you ok to travel with me? 🙂 You know I’m really pensive and emo 🙂 xx k

  2. Cheri

    I’m in. Bring on all the feels.

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