It’s a dance we do.
You and I.
We take it for granted, because you’re always around. Because I’m always around.

Through the night, I duck into you and then I turn. And then you turn and then I spoon.
In the morning, I the chai, you the walk.
Through the day, “have you had lunch today?”. “Shall we go for a coffee?”.
Driving in the car, songs your choice, all Indian.
I’ll always comment on how you need to broaden your horizons.
If we go much further, you’ll put on an old song we shared from 2006.
One of the rare non-Indian sings you’ll listen to.
Or perhaps that one. Free.

I’ll chop, you stir.
You Aru, I rest.
I Aru, you take calls.
When the evening is spent, heating set, laptop off.
“Tumne dawa lei liya?”.

Night after night.
Every night.
Day after day.

It sounds so ordinary this love.
But without it, there would be tragedy.