I know a lot of people who don’t talk to family members or have cut off relationships with friends. It’s a permanent state of silent treatment.

I know a handful of people I’ve personally chosen not to stay in touch with. I didn’t know them well enough or love them enough in the first place. I don’t miss their company or wish for their space in my life. I’m okay with that.

It’s the people I truly, madly, deeply love – that I cannot bear to part with.

But recently, The Silent Treatment got a bit too silent with a few people I love. Love being the real thing here. I genuinely adore and love these people. I did not want them out of my life. I was angry.

The interesting thing was how much it cut me up every day. It started in a bit of a rage, a whole heap of frustration and of course, no resolutions.

The Silent Treatment continued and I realised, if I didn’t put an end to it, no one would. That was a super, freakin scary realisation. I ended it, with a laugh, a bit of casual conversation and putting aside the differences, we’ve kind of moved on. We’ll get there. Of course my ego is bruised, but it’s nothing the ego wasn’t worthy of. Perhaps I need it because of my anger.

I think The Silent Treatment is in a way, the worst thing we can do to the people we love. It says in an unspoken way “this is over” – even if it is intended to be temporary. It hurts so freakin much.

If you’re the one in the mature headspace who has enough of peace and happiness in your life to let it go, let it go. Because sometimes the other person isn’t. They’re going thru enough of their crap and life’s weigh-downs that they might just not have the frame of mind to take anything else on.

Someone has to give. If it’s you, it’s ok. Your ego can cope with a bruise. But you’re heart won’t heal without these people in your life.