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That Geeky Boy

The other day I met a geeky boy.
He was a bit shy, a bit awkward and interesting.

It reminded me of a long, long time ago. When I had a crush on a geeky boy.
If you’re a geeky boy, this one is for you.


Chances are.
Your wardrobe is awkward.
Those glasses aren’t the hipster kind.
The conversations you have are accented with long, painful silences.
Chances are you don’t find them painful at all.

Chances are.
That girl you like has no idea.
The amount of time you spend in front of a screen disturbs you.
Same goes for books.
Your friends are cut from the same cloth.
Chances are, you’ve given up.

But what you don’t know, or are yet to find out..
Is that intelligence is ridiculously sexy.
Your wit made me feel inadequate.
When you got along with the boys and left me out, I didn’t feel cool enough.
Your whole anti-hipster, anti-cool thing was 50 shades of awesome.

In short.
I was intimidated.
It never went anywhere.

So, do a shy girl a favour.
Make that shit happen.

Before she gets snapped up by a sweet guy like V.




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It’s over.


  1. Very interesting post karishma. I have met quite a few Geeky boys and they almost have the same traits.

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