She didn’t say anything when he came home.
I didn’t expect a hug or a kiss.
But a word. Or two.

The silence surprised me.

And then the pieces fell into place.
She’s building up.

The blame.
He’s avoiding.
The shame.

Together they’re marching separately.

And perhaps decades from now.
Something will crack.
Her spine.

And all the blame she’s collected will come gushing forth.

But darling.
Decades from now,
What is the point,
For every day of happiness you lost,
When you didn’t put up a fight,
Didn’t speak your mind,
Didn’t say,
Didn’t say,
There has to be more.
Didn’t say,
It’s not working.

Decades of blame.
Aren’t his fault.

They’re yours.
Because you harboured them.
Safely in your waters.
You shielded them.
Built up the defence.

You prepared.
For the raging war.

So when it’s here.
I just hope it’s what you want.