Featured image is of artwork by Tessa Laird.


I see you pine for his love.
I see you begging for change.
Hoping for light.
I see it so deep, so buried.
The longing. 
And I know you will not hear me when I tell you.
He loves you.
The best way he knows how. 
So my friend, I’m asking you.
Could you do me this favour.

Could you start with loving you?
For a change?
A long, overdue change.

Because you can lie, but I know.
You do not.

Start with giving yourself time out.
A dinner with friends.
A movie with popcorn and you.
Time for your personal delights.

But without him.

Find that joy within you.

Because he can’t give you what you want.
As hard as he is trying to.
I can see him try to please you with every spoonful of love he has to offer.
I see his neutrality.
I see your complex thinking, you foresee the happening even if it wouldn’t have happened.

For my dear.
It is your mind which needs to feel differently about things.
Of this I am sure.

So tell yourself everyday. 
He is madly in love with me.
I am the best woman for him.
He and I lean on each other and are yet, independent within each other.
What we have is incredible. 

And just you watch.
You’ll see the light he’s been shining at you for all those decades.
All that love.
Has been right here.
All along.