You’re his wife.
You’re the spine.
You’re the framework.

We are adult selves.
We don’t follow one.
We follow each other.

It surprises me when women don’t feel it’s their role to educate.
The more I learn, the more I watch Aru, the stronger an area of my knowledge gets, the more I feel I need to share it with V.

After all, I’ve had life experiences.
So has he.
We both share them and learn from each other.

V has a strong understanding of ayurveda, cooking, value of traditions, finance and more. He shares this knowledge with me to help me improve my learnings.

I have a strong knowledge of design, EQ, managing staff, meeting Aru’s needs, where to go for lunch and being level headed (well, now, but not before!).

Often I’ll read a book or an article and share my learnings with V.
We discuss it and check if we’re both on the same page.
Then I’ll see him implement it.

We are capable of being teachers to each other.
In fact, I feel if you aren’t guiding your partner, you’re offering limited value to a relationship.
Much like being a creative director at work has my staff yearning for my feedback. They thrive in it.

I believe, if we stop teaching each other, our relationships aren’t meeting their basic needs. To learn from one another.

I truly, madly, deeply believe this means we need to stay alive, keep trying new things, reading new things, travelling to new places and challenging ourselves in new ways.

It starts with you and then you share it and together you evolve.