You asked me how I’d feel if we ever divorced.

I replied that I never think about those things.

How can I begin to imagine a life without Amit Trivedi, AR Rahman, UB40 or Tracy Chapman?

The world simply cannot exist without cheese on dosas, cheese in a masala omelette and cheesey pasta bakes.

Don’t be silly.

Drives without crooning to songs?

Travelling without the five stars?

Or pretending to want diamonds when what I really want is tofu and a pedicure.

Who does that?

Conversations that start on the ride to daycare and end before I fall onto your arms that don’t cramp. And of course you tell me to get off because it’s too hot.

A life without your nagging me about that $55 iPad case I’m not using? Nag being the keyword here

A life without a man who knows every capital city under the sun, but takes the longest of routes because he never really understood the Pythagoras theory?

Seriously. What kind of a life would that be?

Without a man who always taps his belly and says to me, “I’m losing weight you know”.

Without a man who introduced me to counselling, chilli flakes, the importance of a healthy conversation about potty and a man who can be pushy, annoying and so, so overtly confident – it’s not right.

A life without that man?

It would be insane.

I don’t think about divorce because thinking about a divorce would mean the reality of all these things.

It would be to the entertain the thought.

To sow the seed of question.

To consider a life without.

And so no.

I don’t.

And I won’t.
Bin tere kya jeena.