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Them Double D’s.

When my boobs came, I felt awkward and confused.
They were larger than life and yes, whilst I previously couldn’t wait for them to arrive, the full-on-ness of them was pretty overwhelming.

Then I heard a hip-hop song about “them racks, the girl got double d’s”.
And for once, I thought my boobs were just right.
I became proud even.

Lately however, since feeding Aru and just filling out in general, I haven’t felt the same way. A size F doesn’t seem to validate the way a size DD does.

And I just realised.

1.      I was validating my boobs by a hip-hop artist, who sings about sex, guns and thugs.
2.      It was in such a deep level of my subconscious, that I didn’t even know why I didn’t like my motherhood boobs.

So in short.

to what you listen to.
Or you’ll spend a motherhood hating what ought to be loved and valued.


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What a mother needs people to understand. 


Won’t stop.


  1. Cheri

    Hmmmm. I take comfort in ‘I like big bums and I cannot lie!’ 😉

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

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