Vivek was telling me about the old structure of Hindu society.
Forgive me if I’ve gotten specifics wrong, but specifics were never my thing.

Old Hindu society was based on a loose hierarchy.
A leadership system, from top to bottom.
All to be dependant upon one another, but some more influential than others.

This is a really concept based discussion, not firm facts. Shudras to a lot of people also means untouchables, but in this instance, it isn’t so.

Brahmins – The intellectuals
Kshatriyas – The Politics & the Warriors
Baniyas – The entrepreneurs
Shudras – The labour force

The concept was based on the idea, that those the knowledge would guide all others and determine the course of society.

As we talked about things more, we talked about society today.

We’re more influenced by online celebrities, high profile bloggers, leading politicians and maybe boosted Facebook viral videos than anything else. I’m totally accepting this is me as well – Beyoncé, Obama, Michelle, Oh Joy and Waleed Aly.

But I wonder what would happen if we were more absorbed with ideas from intellectuals. Would that make for a better society?  A better platform to leverage from?