We’ve all got stories in our head.
Here are some of the stories I’ve heard lately.
And of course, why they matter.

A gorgeous girl told me about her Dad. How he was barely there in her life. She spoke with anger and frustration.
I asked her about her own relationships with boyfriends. She said she had few and nothing substantial.
I asked her, “Is that what you’re expecting from a relationship? Someone like your Dad? So you don’t expect them to work out?”.

I saw the penny drop.

Her Dad was a model on men. So she subconsciously expected men to be like her Dad.


Another friend of mine said to me, “I had this vision of what I thought would be the worst pregnancy ever. Complications, a long labour and a C-section.”
It happened.


We caught up with friends of ours over dinner who were hunting for a house. The husband gently said, “My darling wife always gets a great deal on a house. She never buys in a rush and makes sure we get great value for our money.”
They bought a gorgeous house before it went to auction and before the price frenzy had an opportunity to begin.


So what is going on in your head?

We won’t be able to conceive?
Money is always going to be a struggle?
The weight just isn’t going to go? (One of mine)

He’ll never respect me enough?

This job change isn’t going to happen?
My little boy will grow up to be a darling of a man? (One of mine)
The neighbours always seem to have it better?
This guy is going to leave me?
Catastrophe is around the corner?
I’ve got it going great and it’ll always be great?
Things will fall into place?
I’ve got to make it through the day?

Whatever is going on in your head.
Be aware of it.
Because it will start to happen.