When did you become so unsure?
So unsteady?
So incorrect?

When did he start to make the decisions for you?
Start to make you feel unworthy?

I hear the blame in your voice.
It’s him.
It’s him who makes you feel unworthy.
It’s him who is demanding.

But wait honey, no one can make you feel unworthy unless you allow them to.

When did your tables turn?
He became the villain and you the victim?

Every decision you make, every decision you have made, has lead you here.
No one turned your hand.
No one held a knife to your heart.
If they did, you had the night to escape.
You had the next day to take flight.

It is not him.

It is you.
You don’t see your worth.
You don’t see the value in what you do.
You don’t see the merit in your being awake, healthy, happy and alive.

And what you see in you. Is what he sees in you.

So change what you see.
And he will change what he sees.


Our daughters.
Our sisters.
Our mothers even.
Learn from us.

So let us be worthy of loving ourselves.
The choice starts with you.
Not someone else.

It starts with you saying, today, I will love myself.

Today, I will get my nails done.
Today, I will book that appointment with my nutritionist.
It will cost $120 and that is money well spent on me.
Today, I will take a break in the evening and we can have sweet corn soup.
Today, I will grab a novel and sit in the park.
Today, I will invest in my career.
Today, I will get curious about buying shares with my money.
Today, I will plan that trip to Tokyo with my sisters.
Today, I will consider someone else caring for my child so I can get a break.
Today, I will love me.

And tomorrow, your daughter will know how to love herself.
And this is the best gift you could ever give her.