This isn’t something I’d normally talk about.
It’s a slightly (hahaha) darker side of me.

About a week ago, I had a real tanty.
Out of character right? Truly.

It was a bit scary (for Aru).
I did a big “argh” and then a bit of a body shake.

Of course we went to see Kaylene.

She’s a legend and we see her every now and then.
A friend of mine was surprised when I told her this.
She said, “So your relationship takes work?”. I was a bit like, “Heck yes”.

So we fixed up my tanty and V’s issues (it always takes two).

And I learnt one very important thing.

By the time they reach 6 years of age, kids are programmed. 
So what I’m doing infront of Aru now, is going straight to his brain and it’s getting stored.

Needless to say, those tantys are on a leash. A tight one.