You became simply delightful.

Was it the teething week from hell that makes me love you more?

Is it even fair that it’s easier when you’re happier?

Does that mean I’m not doing it right through “thick and thin”?

But darling you.

Your curls.

Your chuckling laughter.

Your unsteady steps.

Your “busy-ness” with spoons and pots and twigs.

Darling you.

I cannot be without.

Yes for a day.

Yes for a night.

But for more? A heap more.

Oh gosh. I wouldn’t know how.


Your resting eyes, sleeping limbs, open mouth with drool, your chubby legs.


Your sweet voice.

Your cherry face at 5:30am.

You. Your hungry eyes when you see milk.

Your adamancy. Because of course, now that you’ve seen it, you want it NOW.

How does love get like that?

When did you?

Make me melt?

When Aru?

I’ve always played it safe. Ask your Daddy. Ask your Masi’s.

Your Maa always holds a little bit back.

Keeps a little for herself.

But you?

For you.

There are no boundaries.

No holding back.

Heaven help. Me.