At some point, I realised about 80% of my travelling with a baby tips are about the check in, customs, take off and landing. Deserves a post in itself! After all, this is the trickiest part. It’s mostly smooth sailing (in my experience) after this point 🙂

Here goes!

1. Don’t try and put your baby to sleep before take off. 
The air hostess will want your baby facing forward with their safety belt on. I haven’t ever seen Aru sleep forward facing and having to wake him up felt so cruel. He looks so cute when he sleeps, you don’t want to take that moment away. I just had to attach a picture for you to prove it.

Don’t try and put them to asleep till you’ve gone through departure body scans as well. If they’re in a carrier, you’ll need to remove them, same goes for being in a pram.

2. People don’t hear your baby crying the way you do. 
Before travelling with a baby, I read all those articles about restaurants that don’t want children and business class passengers who hate crying babies. To be honest, it’s really not that bad. People tend to tune out, pop on their headphones or genuinely want a cuddle with your baby. Or they’re like me, when they’re thinking of their baby travelling in business class with Papa and missing them already (after 10 minutes of economy seat bum pain).

3. Save the milk! 
If you can, save milk for landing and takeoff. I don’t know about you, but those were the main times Aru played up. Thirteen hours of sleep and 20minutes of cracking the shits 😉

4. They say you’ll get baby food. Chances are, you won’t. 
Even on Singapore Airlines, business class. It was either forgotten or not written. Travel with it when travelling with a baby. Travel with more than you expect of it. Pouches are much easier than bottles.

5. Some air hostesses + hosts will randomly not let you use a carrier. 
I flew on Qantas domestic and a host firmly told me I couldn’t use a baby carrier. I couldn’t use it standing. I couldn’t use it sitting. I just couldn’t use it.
Given Aru’s flown a lot, this was the first time I’d heard of this after 5 international and domestic flights. At the time, I felt like being really nasty. But all those thoughts never really went anywhere because I learn how to put Aru to sleep without a carrier, in a flight, in mostly light. It put me on the spot – but taught me that things will work out.

6. Express lanes at the airport. 
There are express lanes for taxis (Singapore airport) and most customs lanes will have a baby friendly lane upon entering and exiting. Look for it, or ask for it.

7. You can travel with liquids. 
Just let them know pre-scan and keep them in a separate bag. It’ll be cruisey as.

8. Let the air hostesses give you a break + let them know you’re travelling solo. 
They do a great job and it’ll give you a huge break. Plus they’ll be much more helpful if they know you’re open to help. People are scared of being too friendly with babies because some mums don’t prefer it. But personally, I’d love someone to cuddle my baby. Go nuts 🙂

9. Let them play. 
I always try and find an isolated spot – usually it’s near the emergency exit where I let him sit, crawl and just zone out. I read somewhere that kids are full of physical energy and trying to make them restrain it is like keeping me away from chocolate. It’s just cruel.

Hope this one is useful for your next trip. There are a couple more posts with tips for travel. I’d recommend a skim here and here 🙂