If you’re thinking of travelling overseas with a baby, this is the ideal post for you, more so, if you’re considered Europe. Read on for the details.

Travel Background (Europe)

We just did 4 weeks of travelling overseas with a baby. When we were in Europe, Aru was 11 months, going on 12 at the time. He’s technically 9 months because he was born premature – so in terms of development, he only started to crawl on the trip. We went to Singapore, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Budapest, London, Singapore and then back home.

Much like my other post on baby essentials – this won’t really reference items like diapers and wipes (a baby carrier comes under essentials for me). It’s more the bespoke things which you may / may not be mulling about. The hefty purchases and some needs which surprised us along the way!

Baby basics that you may / may not find in Europe

Baby Food – the pouch type.
We were really surprised to find it a challenge to get baby food in pouches. The real struggles were in Budapest and Copenhagen. They only had glass bottles of baby food and the range was super limited. Whenever we saw Ella’s Kitchen, we stocked up big time.

Goats Milk
There is a lot of debate about this one, but long story short, we’ve chosen to give Aru goats milk over formula – unless it’s unavailable. We couldn’t find goats milk in Copenhagen…

The Diaper Bag Contents 

When travelling overseas with a baby, I had the usual; spare change of clothes, diapers, wipes, spare food, spare formula etc. What I didn’t have? Baby panadol and teething help. One day, completely out of character, Aru randomly cracked it (nap and feed done). My sister went all over town hunting down baby panadol when I had it in my suitcase at home.

The Sleep Kit 

Portacot – BabyBjorn 
We’ve been working closely with Vicki K – who is a baby routine and sleep consultant based in Tauranga, New Zealand. She wisely recommended getting Aru sleeping in the portacot a week before take off.

Portacot Cover – SnoozeShade
Worked like a dream. It’s not 100% blockout – I guess he wouldn’t be able to breathe then! But it’s pretty close. The truth is that you won’t always be able to block out rooms – even with a block out blind. This is the best. Best. Best. Worth every penny. My little sister also figured out – the best room to put Aru to sleep in, turned out to be the bathrooms! They’re generally the darkest. Once he was asleep, we’d do the transfer!

Sleeping Drops
I really didn’t want to give Aru any sleep medication or pills. He’s not exactly a dream to put to sleep and you can imagine travelling making it 10x harder. The lovely guy at Herbario gave me tea drops – which have no side effects. 100% calming. I’m sure you can pop into your local herbal therapy store for the same?

White Noise App  + A charger to keep it going (travel with an extra phone if you can)
I read about this on A Cup of Jo. It was a godsend. We could wash dishes, rustle, creak floors without the fear. He’s also adjusted back to sleeping without it.


Other random stuff you might just end up needing when you are travelling overseas with a baby

One Step Ahead
Aru suddenly began insisting on walking (with support). I didn’t have shoes. Clearly, he wasn’t like this back at home so I didn’t see it coming. If you’re planning on a 4 week vacay, try and anticipate the growth spurt and have your bits ready. We were trying to find a pair of shoes in a tourist store at the Castle in Budapest. Not such a good idea.

Birth Certificate
I was travelling without V – so just Maa and bubba. Of all the places, they asked me to pull it out when we arrived in London. Thank God I had it in the carry on baggage.

AirBnb Homes (this one you can’t pack)
It’s hard to fathom – but hotels are a drainer when you’re travelling with a bub. Give me a kitchen and a room I can eavesdrop from if Aru wakes up (as well as a room of my own in which I can unwind without worrying that he’ll wake up any second). The majority of our trip was in AirBnb homes that fit 5 adults plus a baby. They were fantastico…

Hope this helps all your travelling with a baby goals! I’ll be doing a few more posts on travel in the next few weeks. Happy Sunday!