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Today I took photographs of Aru in the morning.
When I looked back at them in the afternoon, I realised.
He is looking like a little boy.
My little bubba.

Raising him is scary.
My sister came and taught him how to Hi5.
My other sister came and taught him how to ring the door bell.
Someone (for the life of me I can’t figure out) has taught him how to say no.

And I’m wondering?
What have I taught him?
He feels too young to do ABC’s with.
I don’t really feel creative enough (hahaha, said the woman who runs a design studio) to pull out paints and a smock for him.
I just let him play.
Sometimes with me.
In the grass.
On the porch.
In the bark.
On the kitchen counter.

Often no words. Just exploring.
I’m wondering if I’m doing enough.
But then somedays, I feel like that’s what I can give / know how to give.
Should I be learning more? Or is it all ok where it’s at?



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  1. Frh

    Hey darling, where you’re at is just fine. Play along and you’ll find your way together – slowly, slowly, enjoy the journey. Xo

    • karishma

      Thank you so much! I always think of your great advice about the need for his iron intake as well 🙂 He’s taking Floravit 🙂 Definitely focusing on enjoying the journey. He’s just about walking now! xx much love, K

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