1. He’s on best behaviour with everyone but me. With me, it’s “Maa, I want hugs on tap.”
  2. Someone will always tell me when it’s time for him to drink, eat, sleep or play. Because of course, they’ve been with him for a day and they know better. Extremely rarely, they could be right, but 99% of the time, it’s just running commentary.
  3. Every cry of his cannot be denied. I can fake denial, but in my heart of hearts, I want to come running and bust out the cuddles. Even if it means I can’t bath, cook or do the dishes.
  4. Referencing the above fake denial, guilt can be massive. Maybe he’s clingy because I haven’t been picking him up soon enough. Maybe I should have been more patient last night and tried to feed him more. Maybe we shouldn’t have given him a car nap yesterday. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Baby.
  5. Alcohol will never be the same. It was okay to be hungover before, but now being hungover with a crying baby changes how I feel about that glass of red last night. Immensely.
  6. The more I hide the toilet paper, the more he wants it. To eat.
  7. I refer to him as a baby, when really, I can’t buy him any more clothes from a baby store. He’s moved onto toddler, but that just doesn’t sound as nice.
  8. Somedays he’ll under perform when I’m hoping he’ll be on good behaviour. Then other days, he’ll surprise me and I’ll find myself telling my friend (with a whinging baby) that he isn’t like this all the time. Really truly.
  9. My husband wants to be as much a part of it all. To make him feel like he’s incapable or not help him know how, is setting up a platform for a.) a shitty fatherhood and b.) an even shittier marriage.
  10. I read this a long time ago and it always rings true.

    “In order of importance: 1.Self, 2. Marriage, 3. Child.
    Of course all are as important as each other,
    but neglecting the one before is a disservice to the one after.”
    – Jemima Kirke

  11. Whomever said life is harder and there are more sacrifices after you have a child was right. But what they forgot to mention is that the universe gives you everything you need to cope with it and more. If you only just. Trust.

Someone told me last night, it’s so refreshing to see a “happy mum”. She said it wasn’t something she could tell from my lipstick or my dress. It was from my energy.

I must be doing something right.
Cheers with a chai to that.




On a total side note – should I stick with black and white pictures or try some coloured ones as well? Can’t decide 🙂 Let me know! xx