I wasn’t aware of this concept until fairly recently.
Your problems are you.

Since understanding it, it has changed my life.

Every problem you have, can be solved by you.
Once you accept that it’s YOU who needs to change.
Not the problem.

Because what is easier to change?
You or something / someone resistant to change.
You of course.

Okay so I have a dear friend who wanted to see Aru.
I’d just flown back into Melbourne after a long trip overseas and she kept saying, “When am I going to see Aru. I need to see him today.”
She was becoming a bit of a problem.
I started to get a bit irritated and pissed off at her.

Then I thought about it.
What a waste of energy.
I was getting so mad at her.
I didn’t have the balls to tell her how frustrating she was.

What could I be doing differently? 

  1. Get some balls. 
    Be a bit fearless – if you’ve got to look after yourself, rest up, relax up and calm your farm, you look after you first. Everything else will fall into place once you have the courage to say what you want.
  2. Be the bawsssss. 
    I told her I can’t do today. Only the next weekend. Any earlier and she’ll need to come to me according to Aru’s nap times.
  3. Be okay with what comes thereafter. 
    Some people might not take well to this. (I originally thought I’d loose my crew. Like. All of them.). But, turns out, she was totally okay with that. Most people aren’t thinking of how they’re sounding to you. And if they are thinking about it – chances are, they don’t know how your mind works, so they’re likely to get it wrong anyways.


Just try it.
You’ll be surprised by how much sweeter it’ll make your relationships.
Why? Because they’re getting true. And nothing beats being the true you.