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The Sippy Cup Thing

So Aru is not taking to a sippy cup.
The last time I saw my maternal health nurse, she gave me the eye about it.
She also asked me, “is he still vegetarian?”.
I’m sure she has the best of intentions.
There was a time when I was warned against too much pureed food because he would resist chunky food. This Aru will crawl up to your slab of dark chocolate and puree it in his mouth himself. With 4 tiny bits of tooth.
But, I was still worried about the sippy cup thing.

So I asked my darling friends Joss & Jas about it.
Their children are much more grown than Aru.
Kinder, primary and high school.
These two put together are basically a book on child rearing.

I got the best advice ever.

“Unless it’s medical, don’t worry about nothing”.



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The Outcome vs. The Cause.


“No Judgements”


  1. Frh

    True and true. I was worried that my daughter wasn’t walking at 14 months still – my girlfriend told me that she had the rest of her life to walk so why was I trying to rush her into it. Superb advice. Aru will drink from the sippy cup when he’s well and ready. Try a straw in a cup – worked for us as an alternative and they can see the liquid coming no up the straw.

    • karishma

      Thanks so much! It’s definitely just to let him come around on his own – he hasn’t taken to straws yet, but surely we’re nearly there, he takes 4 gulps when he’s thirsty!

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