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The Martyr

She is patient.
She is loving.
She is always there.
Through the day.
Through the night.

She is relentless in her consistency.
She is often a perfectionist.
To the detail.
Her love.

She’s the one who didn’t take a holiday.
She didn’t buy that jacket.
She didn’t watch that movie.
For her man.
For her woman.
For her mother.
For her child.
For her friend.

She was always giving.

But she didn’t know.
All the giving made her sadder and sadder.
And the sadness bounced from the walls.

Is it your mum?
Is it my friend?
Is it that lady at work?

I know one. I know a few.
They need to read this.
She needs to read this.

In loving us.
She rejected her.

In prioritising us.
She devalued herself.

So now her body aches.
Her heart bleeds.
She wants love and she can’t find it.
She’s looking for those years gone.

Searching for the love she gave.
Wondering when it will return to her palms.

But she doesn’t know.
That the only place to start.

Is within herself.
Loving herself.
Buying that jacket for herself.
Taking that vacation for herself.
Watching that movie for herself.
Taking that time for herself.

Because once she loves herself.
It will shine.
Massive beams.

And all will turn to her again.
For the warmth of her rays.
Like sunshine on a winters day.


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  1. Shelyn

    Thank You!
    I think I needed to read that…it just so happens to be at the perfect timing. First thing am gonna do tomorrow morning is take Ems with me to that cafe I’ve been wanting to go to for ages now!!
    And I hope you’re doing something for yourself too xoxo

    • karishma

      Reading this makes it all feel so worthwhile!! So glad for you! Me? I got a pedicure last week and going to get a massage tomorrow. Also planning a 4 day stay in Sydney (but that’s making me nervous because I’ve only been away from Aru for a night (twice))…. Will keep you posted ?

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