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Teachers To Each Other

My darling boy.
I want you to always know.
I don’t know everything.
You are here to teach me things.
So when you see me and something doesn’t feel right.
You tell me.
Because you’ve been teaching me since the day you were born.

We’re both here to teach each other things.
Not just me to you.




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I fell in love at 21 and it turned my world upside down.




  1. Shelyn

    Very true! After all, we are aging together! He is 1 year old and so are you as a mother..as a parent 😉

    • karishma

      ? how’s it all going your world? Xx

      • Shelyn

        We are doing better now. A while ago Ems and I were in a phase where she hated me for feeding her and I hated her for throwing and spitting food. It infuriated me!! It took me a lot of self control and silent moments alone to realize that she is doing it because she doesn’t like the food. I tried imagining how I’d feel in her shoes etc etc so long story short we’re past that phase now and recently just in a good phase and cherishing each moment as I realized she won’t be like this for long. Soon am gonna be missing her babbling and everything she is doing now 🙁 Thank You for asking 😉

        • karishma

          It’s so challenging isn’t it! Today he just wouldn’t sleep and I got frustrated. Then I decided to stretch him out and see if he’s ready for the “1 long nap a day” thingeee. Let’s see how we go. But I totally know what you mean – cherish and cherish and cherish! Hard to believe they grow so fast. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. It’s a long term thing isn’t it 🙂 xx Much love, K

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