It struck me when I was 28. A little late, but not late at all.
I was tired of looking forward to the weekend.
Tired of looking forward to the next vacation.
Tired of the clothes.
Tired of the movies to pass the time.
Tired of watching tv.

I wrote a list.
100 Things That Make Me Happy.

Since then, I have become more and more aware, that happiness is not something that comes to you.

I mean, it might, the day you book the trip and you burst with anticipation each morning a little more. It might come to you when you buy the new dress, but by the time you’ve cut the tags and worn it once, the sheen wears off for some reason. It might come to you when you bite into that cruffin and the chocolate hits your tongue, sure, that might even be bliss.

It might come to you.
But it won’t stay with you.

And now I know.
I’m learning all over again.
With Aru my whole balance of life has changed.
I need to find my happiness every day.
A new way to be.
With him.

In the everyday.
In every little thing.
It is there.
Bursting at the seams.
If I let it.