My darling Aru.
Please cry.
Please take cuddles in my nest.
Please get angry and rest your head to the floor.

Dear Aru,
Please tell me your darkest thoughts. For then they will be “ok” for you to feel.
Because it is all ok.
Please know your body.
Know that it is buzzing with energy.
And all that energy needs to go somewhere.

Dear Aru,
Please forgive me every time I’ve every manhandled you.
Yes, it was in anger or frustration or exhaustion.
And yes, it shouldn’t have happened.
But know, I did it in the gentlest, most straightforward way possible.
With the most compassion I had within.

Dear Aru,
A mistake is okay.
An uncorrected mistake is not.
Seek to learn, seek to observe yourself.
Seek to change, adjust and be open.

Don’t let values from a childhood override your adulthood.
Simple values like bananas cause mucus.
Complex values like more money leads to a happier life.

You’ll recreate and adjust these values as you see life’s experience for yourself.

And regardless of what you see and how you feel,
I will always.
Accept you.
With open arms.

With love,
Your Maa.