The Rushing Woman’s Syndrome
I strongly believe, this is why I conceived early. We barely tried and I truly thought it would take a year of trying. Try a month. After reading The Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, I worked with Jenny and started focusing on meditation, slowing down and working with a thyroid issue I had. I was really in a happy place – I think this has a lot to do with it.

Throughout Pregnancy
Towards the last two weeks, I got an awful rash. I went to the chemist and applied whatever my doctor had recommended. It didn’t go away. It came back after Aru’s birth and I ended up seeing an Ayurvedic doctor. Finally it was gone within 10 days and I could walk and wear a bra without rushing home in anguish because it was so severe.

My mum put it beautifully. She was told by her mother never to trouble; a pregnant woman, a breastfeeding woman or a widow. The first two are having all their energy pooled into another and a widow lives as a half of herself.
I wish I had stopped judging my tiredness sooner. Pregnancy for me was exhaustion. I simply needed to rest.

Whilst my walks started to get shorter and shorter, I still tried to do a block a day. Whatever I could. Even if that meant going to the mall to walk indoors.

I highly recommend this. So much happens to your body. I am top heavy, so I wanted to look after my back. I think yoga saved me. It also taught me how to communicate with the little fella inside me.

Calm Birth / Birthing Workshops
I hear people talk about this like it’s a new fan-dangled thing. New age type stuff.
I did it. I had a natural birth. My mum and Aru’s paediatrician always talk about the birth. Apparently, it was amazing. I don’t know. I have nothing to compare it to. And I don’t even know if I was really there. I was in the zone. So I don’t know what it may have been like on the outside.
Let’s just say it didn’t feel so painful.