I remember my first ever breastfeed in the babies room at Chadstone.
Aru started crying and I panicked.
I rushed into the room.
Was confused about where to feed him because everyone in front of me was feeding their babies with a bottle.
Then I popped out a boob and started to feed him.

As I was feeding, I saw a woman come out of a screened room.
Ah-ha. So that was where the breastfeeding went on.

I felt a bit awkward and as I tidied up, I saw a lady smiling at me.
I said, “So sorry, I didn’t mean to start feeding him here.”
Aside from the fact that my boobs are painfully huge, I just felt, if there were rooms designated for it, perhaps I should have been in there.
She simply smiled at me and said, “No judgements here, we’re all mums”.

This post isn’t about public breastfeeding.
It’s about no judgements.

That was the best thing to start motherhood with.
We’re all mums.
No judgements.