For my little Aru.

For you, I’ll be a better woman.
When I want to scrunch up on a corner and cry, I’ll look at your curious eyes and put my tears aside.

For you, I’ll be a happier woman.
I’ll figure out what is wrong between me and daddy. I’ll take dance classes. I’ll meditate and I’ll try to eat better.

For you, I’ll put on the speakers and shake my booty.
Just so that you can look at me and shake yours too.

For you, I’ll treat myself to a bit of brownie.
So you can get a wee bit in your tum tum too.

For you, I’ll read books and ignore the bits that don’t work for us.
I’ll educate myself and keep learning.

For you, I’ll get help when my head is full of thoughts.
I’ll try not to let it go on too long.
Because by the time the tears have come, it’s been far too long.

For you, I’ll be the woman I’m meant to be.
With mistakes, learnings, chocolate overdoses and sunshine rays on our cheeks.

So I can be your friend and your guide to help you
become the man you’re meant to be.