Dear Aru,

You’ve been sick with fever lately, your body so hot and limp.
You’ve been crawling upon me and just laying there.
Surprisingly, it’s a treat, because you rarely ever, stop.

Dear Aru, there are some things I’ve been thinking about lately.
Somethings I want you to know.

If fortune ever fails to favour you, consider it a blessing.
It is taking you on a detour that you needed at the time, however bleak it may appear, trust me on this one.

Dear Aru, as much as you naturally can, have a sense of reverence for women.
You will never be able to fully empathise on this one, but I once heard,
a woman is a more fully formed version of a male.
Which makes her able to feel and express so much more.
But in every lifetime of yours, a huge proportion of women will feel vulnerable to a man.
And in every life of yours, be that valiant man who respects them and uses his strength to protect them, never, ever to hurt them.

Dear Aru, you are beautiful. You are charming. Just like your mother (perhaps in her heyday, perhaps still today). And perhaps this could be the reason why, you are slower to show grace. To show appreciation. Perhaps you aren’t like this. Perhaps I’m guessing. It’s too early to tell.

But if you’re like this, find your grace in every honourable way that you can. Express thanks and return the love to those who stand by you. Not because of karma. Not because you ought to. Not because of the bad times. But simply because you will feel good. Your insides will glow.

Speaking of insides.
Dear Aru, when in doubt, listen to your insides. They found you us. They found you our home. They found you love, love, love.

So put the money, the people, the society, the status aside. And just. Listen. To your insides.

So much love beta,
The world is full of wonder and it is yours to explore,