Dear Aru, 

Your love for me is so tender. 
I am enamoured. 
You wouldn’t let anyone take a plate, cup, seat or a sip from me. 

You’re my defender, my protector. 

Making sure my place in the world is secure and you’re barely 3. 
If I arrive, nothing else matters to you. 

Maa has arrived. 

There is song. 

There is laughter. 

There is excitement. 

And on my luckiest of days, there is a run. 

A run upon a path that leads directly to me. 
My darling. 

A love like this? 
I never knew. 
Oh I saw it in your father when he stood against all for me. 

Fearlessly and without a shade of doubt. 
But that love. 

I never expected from you. 

Had hopes from you. 
You owe me nothing my child. 

And here you are. 

Giving me your whole world, upon your little steel plate. 
Here Maa. 

I got this for you.