You wouldn’t believe it.

After Aru was born, Vivek sold his business (he’d been waiting to sell it for 1.5 years and finally got the right offer).

We moved into a home in Windsor, after looking for months.

My business had a lapse and wasn’t doing as well.

The future was unknown. It still is unknown.

We’ve have a higher mortgage (much higher).

Vivek still hasn’t got a business up and running to provide us with consistent income (as if that is a thing when you’re an entrepreneur).

My business has done brilliantly from month to month and then average to below average on some months.

It’s the truth.


But I wanted to tell you one thing. It all comes together.

Every month. Something or the other works out. Vivek might sell some rolls of fabric. I might get a new client. A long standing debtor might suddenly pay up. The nanny situation gets resolved. The cleaner situation falls apart.

But sure enough. It all comes together.

Long before I had Aru, I couldn’t fathom how we’d have a child without a house and steady income.

Aru came when we had neither and it all came together.

The only thing I have is trust.

We keep doing our thing, some days we worry more and some days we worry less.


It all comes together.