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How To Talk To A Mum

Here are some shit conversation starters

Where is the baby?

How is the baby?

Is the baby awake?

Haven’t you had a shower?

Why haven’t you sent any pictures of the baby today?

Here are some great conversations starters

How was your day?

What did you have for lunch today?
– this will give you so much insight because leftovers mean there was no opportunity to make something fresh and toast means the last few days have been shit because there are no leftovers and nothing means you need to send food over pronto

Did he wake up last night?
– this one lets you know how to steer the conversation

Hey, did you see that thing on Facebook about…
– mums are always on Facebook, when they’re breastfeeding, it’s time pass and when they’re on the floor (babies love it when you’re at their height) it’s time pass, when they’re at the park, it’s time pass. Whinge all you want about how bad it is to spend your time that way, but some days… you just need the time to pass.

Baby is looking so <insert great, positive adjective here> – you’re doing such an amazing job.
– let the mum enjoy this moment. It doesn’t come around very often (believe it or not).


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  1. Neha

    I love this – although I am guilty of a few of these. Might have to take a print out and have it pinned up on my desk 🙂

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