There is something you are pining for.
It could be that freelance job.
That solo life.
That dream trip abroad.
You pine for it every day.
On your way to work, you think about how life would be if you weren’t on your way to work.
When you are with your husband, you think about how it would be to leave him.
When you catch that flight away from your kids, you hear the toddlers in the row behind you and think about your own.

That thing.
That thing you are pining for.

Is change.
Consider how it would feel in your bones if it worked out.
Then DON’T CONSIDER how it would fall apart.
Because that is the -.
It’s not the +.
When in doubt, listen to the +.

Pray for the best and take a frickin leap.
Whatever you do, don’t stand in the same place when you want to move on.

Because you start to poison yourself.
Oh, it’s slowly my friend.
It’s a real slow, toxic poison.
This state of gradual unhappiness.
The problem with the slow, toxic type of poison, is that it creeps into your bones and into your blood.
It’s so subtle at first. Just a blemish here and a mark there.

But over time.
It scars you.
And over time,
you scar others.
The ones you love.
Because your unhappiness is so huge, you can’t see beyond it.

So before.
Before it all comes crumbling down.


Just. Start. Somewhere.
No matter where.