I think. 
We worry about the little ways we’ll disappoint them. 
Maybe we’ll give an honest opinion. 

Maybe we won’t pick up the FaceTime call. 

Maybe we won’t do the dishes. 

Maybe we said no to the way they treat our children.

Maybe we won’t go for that walk they’ve been proclaiming does wonders. 

Maybe we’ll see them a little less. 

Maybe we’ll loose our temper and get angry. 

Maybe we travel far.

Maybe we’ll eat that ice cream they would disapprove of, or yet, that cheesey pizza slice. 

Maybe we’ll stand by someone else, other than them. 

Maybe we quit the job they told us not to quit. 

Maybe we married the man / woman / lover they didn’t approve of. 

Maybe we chose a different faith. 
There are a million ways. 
But I’m learning now, 

If I’m not true to me, 

I’ll be disappointing them with




False Arts. 
And deep love runs deeper than that.