This internet is becoming a horrifying tornado of comments, articles, opinions, advice and general confusion if you’re like me and you need to “do your research”.

You’ll read that thing on crying it out. Then you’ll feel like the greatest bitch of all time for letting your baby cry it out. Then the next day, you’ll stop letting him cry it out. And have one of a couple hundred sleepless nights of your life, that have nothing to do with romance and jet lag. Trust me. Get off the internet.

Or how about that woman’s opinion on private schools? Studies show… Everyone has an opinion on what they haven’t experienced. It’s a grand world out there. Send your child wherever feels right to you. Grand people have come from both.

Or that woman who once wrote, “I always tend to my baby when he/she cries. I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and go running.” For some stupid, inane reason, I have trawled all of the internet and this woman’s voice is stuck in my head. So now every time I hear my child crying, I always turn. You know what. It is A-ok not to soothe within 10 seconds. After all, you might simply want to transfer the clothes into the dryer. Or have a shower. You can do that right? I tried it today and you know what, we survived.

And for fucks sake. Stop listening to women who do it all. This is jack shit. No woman does it all. They have a team, a support and a bajillion shoulders to lean on. Work with the shoulders you have and enjoy your child as the days fly by and suddenly they’ve gone from restful little bubbas that lean against your shoulder to curious little people who want to explore the world.

Do me a favour. Take the afternoon off. Switch off your phone and break your wifi router.
Then get a book which has nothing to do with motherhood and tell yourself if you are doing a frickin perfect job.

The mum who did just that.