Some people have drugs.
Some have alcohol.
Some have gambling.
I have sugar.
And I have you.

Your ta ta ta.
Your da da da.
Your little bum bum.
Your beautiful eyes.
Your soft skin.

Baths with you.
Cuddles with you.
Hide and seek with you.
Laughs with you.
Sunshine with you.
Sultanas with you.

But my sweet.
Every now and then, I have to step away.
Because too much of anything isn’t healthy.
Maa needs to remember herself.
She needs to look after herself just as well as she looks after you.

Just like you need a refuel from Maa’s lap every now and then.
In the same way, Maa needs a refuel as well.

So when she’s tired.
When she’s grumpy.
When she’s firm.
When she’s impatient.

These are all her signs.
And she’s sorry when she ignores those signs.
Because thats when she’s not good for you.

So my darling sweet boy.
Don’t be sad when Maa isn’t there for all your ta ta ta’s.
Don’t be sad when she walks out the front gate.
Don’t be sad when she says “ta ta Aru”.

Just know that Maa has gone to get refueled.
And when she comes back, it will be with a truckload of love just for you.