We got it wrong.
So wrong.

We need to change the agenda.
Change the anthem.
Change the propaganda.

Rip it.
Tear it.
Question it.
Get damn concerned about it.

A strong woman says no even if it hurts her to hurt someone else for all the right reasons.

A strong woman knows she can walk away, she’s got an exit strategy from the job that doesn’t pay well enough, from the client who put his hands in the wrong place, from the loving that is failing her every day, she walks away.

A strong woman has sex with many, or has sex with one or doesn’t have sex at all. So long as she is the one making the choice for her body. She also knows we aren’t living in a society where women don’t get raped. That society is utopia and we couldn’t find it on the map. So simply for that, she keeps her guard up, keeps her wits about her and only puts her faith in whom she trusts.

A strong woman doesn’t bother trying to do it all. She does what she loves and lets go of the unnecessary. She lets go of pretending, keeping up, trending and faking. These things only stop her from being who she really wants to be.

A strong woman wakes up on New Year’s day in tears because she realises that perhaps her life is no different to last year, or perhaps she owns that something needs to change, or perhaps she knows deep inside that it is over. But it’s the tears that make her strong because they’re about to bring about profound change. You heard that? Strong women cry. They cry all the time. Because they let the feelings out and they cry until there is nothing left. And then, there is change.

A strong woman says no to a date if she wants to sit on the couch and watch some good old fashioned telly with a glass of red. She makes the kids skip a bath so she can take one. She jumps on Tinder to meet new men because it’s time for a change. She knows how much is in the bank account and how good those new leather heels feel.

A strong woman finds happiness outside and inside. In the dresses and the handbags, and also in the morning chai and the new brownies she baked. She couldn’t give a f- about how you feel about her dancing in the car. Or that her hair really needs a wash, she wants that latte and she plans on having it. She doesn’t care about not apologising to you for how she’s raising her kids. She doesn’t seek your approval.

She knows who she is.

A strong woman says F-you to being a part of a preset. Tall. Loving. Angry. Skinny. Frank. Gentle. Olive. Tough. Fair. Wiry hair. Daddy’s Girl. Curvy. Sporty. Butless. Boobful. All those words. She doesn’t freaking care. Because they’ve got nothing on her. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

She doesn’t bother explaining her status to you. Working? Not working? Studying or Wandering? Married? Unmarried? Childless? Childful? Status unknown? Vegetarian? Lesbian? Celebrity? Working Mum? Stay At Home Mum? CEO? Manager? Searching? A strong woman knows it doesn’t matter. She knows she’s content, happy and positive where she is. Your categorising her and demanding explanations doesn’t bother her. People have done it before and they’ll do it again, she knows they’re just wasting their time.

She is who she is and as far as she is concerned, that is god damn good enough.

That strong woman, is you. 

Imperfect. Mistaking. Genuinely seeking. 





If there is to be propaganda for our daughters. Let it be this.
Let’s not let them learn too much from the Kardashians, Swifty or Adele.
From Helen, Angelina, Bhutto or Mother Theresa.
Let’s not tell them the neighbour’s daughter is better.
Let’s not tell them to look at their older sisters (or younger) for direction.
Let’s not tell them to be just like their mums or their aunties or their grandmas.

Because that strong woman is right inside them. They just need to let her find her.