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5 Tips For Keeping Your Sanity On Days When It’s All Falling Apart

Today was one of those days. Aru drove me (as a rad friend of mine would say) bonkers. Crying, moaning, not wanting anything but for me to hold him. No food, no milk, no sleep. I was like, really?! Just hold you? Just 10 kilos? Just hold? Clearly, I was also in a bonkers frame of mind myself because usually I don’t mind at all.

Positive thinking flew out the window, I got a stomach cramp, V had been away for over a week and I didn’t have the support I’d hoped I’d have. I was getting a bit teary and started to realise that I needed to make a change or the day was going to become a very long one…

This was my sanity checklist:

  1. Enough sleep
    We keep a baby safe room with nothing it in except for a great bed. Aru can play and I can get some shut eye even if it isn’t the real thing. I also occasionally step away from the office and get a power nap in the car if I’m losing it.
  2. Meditation / Breathing 
    I try and do this every 2-3 days. I use The Chopra Centre Meditation app. V prefers to find guided ones on youtube. Always works a treat. But the best magic is when you do it over a long period of time. You really start to see your life just fall into place like an amazing jigsaw puzzle and you don’t need to stress. BEST FEELING EVER.
  3. Snacks and Ginger Water
    I’ve recently gotten into ginger water (water with grated ginger in it) and it’s THE best. Great for digestion and I’ve always liked some sort of flavour in my water. After Aru was born, I learnt of my tendencies to get very, very hangry. I always eat in between meals with carrots and fruit if I’m in a sane place. It actually keeps me sane. And I can last just a bit longer.
  4. Dial A Friend
    All of the above fell apart. I’d done everything and I still felt grumpy and Aru was picking up my vibes and getting mega clingy. Which apparently is a 12-14 month phase as well. For one of the second times in my life, I dialled a friend. And it felt really good. She just knew where my head was and told me to come over. I didn’t end up going (because we found sanctity at the Domain Gardens) – but just hearing her voice and airing out my mood was great. It took me out of my mental monologue and into a fresh frame of mind.
  5. Have A Back Up Plan And Don’t Think Twice About Using It
    This is one thing I learnt from today. From now onwards, I will always keep some packet food and formula ready to just up and go. Leaving the house means I’m forgetting about the dishes, the clothes, the garden and what needs to be done for dinner. I just had to get out. The faster the better. With Aru, my back up plan is simple to stop being so hard and fast about how things should be – and get the hell out of the house. Once we’re out, everything gets dreamy again. He loves the outdoors and so do I.

Pray tell me – what do you do to stay sane? I’d love to keep learning.



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  1. Shelyn

    Ems is 13months so she’s always on and off with that phase. It’s good to know it’s just a phase!

    What do we do to stay sane??? Hmmmm …I just pick her up, ergo baby her and we just leave! I feel we both don’t want to be in that place, situation and mood any second longer so we just take off. I always keep a few extra coins in the ergo baby pockets so we get ourselves milkshake! Yep Ems will have some too! I know most people won’t agree to that but it helps to calm both of us down! So we get ourselves a milkshake and sit at the park people watching. She loves doing that and so do I and we get back to our normal selves pretty quickly 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on this one.

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